About Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology focuses on the psychological aspects of your sport. Just as an athlete has a coach or trainer to assist with the physical and technical aspects of sport, Sport Psychology Consulting assists athletes in developing the mental discipline required by athletic competition in order to make them the very best they can be.

Sport Psychology has many uses, ranging from building and strengthening mental toughness to anxiety reduction, confidence building, skill mastery and peak performance.

Examples of mental skills a Sport Psychology Consultant can help you master are:

  • goal setting
  • relaxation
  • imagery and visualization
  • thought stopping
  • positive self-talk
  • confidence building
  • concentration and focus
  • activation

All mental skills learned in Sport Psychology Consulting are life transferable, meaning they can be utilized in a variety of settings.

Anna Sommer-Cutts Bio

Anna earned her Master's degree from Boston University in Mental Health and Behavioral Medicine with Specialization in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Anna has worked with athletes from many different sports, including equestrian, alpine skiing, basketball, and motocross. She has experience working with all ages from child to adult. She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of New Hampshire and holds a Personal Trainer Certification through the American Fitness Association of America. She is associated with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

She studied under Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky, a prominent figure in the Sport Psychology field who consulted with the Australian and Canadian Olympic organizations, the NBA, the Major League Baseball Players Association, The NFL, and the NHL.

Dr. Amy Baltzell, also under whom Anna studied, has consulted extensively as well as contributed to many sport and exercise texts. Dr Baltzell was also a member of the 1989-1991 National Rowing Teams, the 1992 Olympics Rowing Team, and the 1995 America's Cup All Women's Sailing team.


Anna Sommer-Cutts LCMHC offers a variety of sessions including:

  • Individual sessions
  • Individual session packages (10% discount)
  • Team Workshops
  • Sport Psychology Consulting at games and competitions
  • Contact for rates

Sport Psychology Consulting is beneficial on both an individual and team level.


Mailing address:

3 Foley Road
Chesterfiled, NH

phone 1-978-257-5360